Discover how to run your network marketing business YOUR WAY without pressuring others, losing friends & alienating people. Learn how to communicate with integrity & grow your business authentically & organically to build a sustainable, ethical, fun & successful empire!

  • Figure out your WHY so you always feel motivated
  • Learn how to get out of your own way to finally take action & build a business you LOVE
  • Attract the RIGHT people who stay & grow with you
  • Grow a PROFITABLE business to make all the moolah & live your dream life

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To the badass queen

I love you.... no let me rephrase that...

I fucking LOVE you.

There's something that will keep bringing me back to more training with you because not only do you terrify the pants off me (feel that dam fear) but with EVERY session or ebook there are more and more lightbulb moments that bring me through to the next stage.

I've been stuck with 'just go and contact everyone you know with the same old awful script' and I was done, over it and out. You make me get the stuff done (in a very cool & real way) to actually make an impact, inspire & make it my own & be proud of that fact.

So thank you for how much you give. I have been saving up my pennies to finish your course.... was very sad when the first training ended. Wanted more.

See you soon sista for the rest of the course asap !

Xox Erryn



Kata is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to building a brand and connecting with others. As a coach, Kata has proven being 100% real is EXACTLY what gets results. If you are Gen Y, want someone to "get" you and want to live a life you are excited by, Kata is your girl!

Lauren Heys Lauren Heys
Founder, Moxxi