When I ask young, aspiring business owners & badasses with a vision what their biggest challenge is, the thing I hear over & over again is "I just can't seem to ever achieve my goals".

This quickly leads to disappointment, a rapid loss of confidence, self doubt creeps in, procrastination literally moves in, and nothing ever happens... another dream, gone to die. Here's what I need you to know... it's not you that's the problem.

Most likely you're not achieving your goals because you don't know how to get there.

We're all busy. We all have 24 hours in a day and it's so so hard trying to figure out what your priorities are, how to fit everything in, and especially when you open a new business or set a new goal, how to even find the time to get it done...

Imagine a life where you felt calm, confident, got sh*t done every day & always felt satisfied with your progress & when faced with a challenge *cough scrolling memes for hours cough* you knew exactly how to pull yourself back to focus, action & momentum instead of sat and beat yourelf up for hours...?

Insert Sexy Scheduling.

A live training I did for the incredible leaders at Rotaract. An organisation for young people ages 18-30 who have a burning passion and desire to change the world, build empires, open businesses and just generally make this world a better place. Oh be still my beating heart!

My training was fondly called - SEXY SCHEDULING: HOW TO ELIMINATE PROCRASTINATION & GET SH*T DONE.  I was so sad that it was a private event and that I couldn't invite you so I did the next best thing... and recorded it.

- setting your goals

- organising your goals by priority & time

- creating a roadmap for short & long term goals

- making your plan real & scheduling it in to your life right now

- why we get hit with procrastination, how to be aware of it & how to overcome it


So join me (we can pretend we're in a room together live, okay?) and let me help you figure out what you even want to do with your life, set some legitimate goals, and step you through *how* to actually get to your goal. Then we're going to go ahead and actually schedule that in to your life (get your diary ready!) AND to top it off, we can finally talk about the elephant in the room without the whole shame game: how to deal with procrastination and the inevitable challenges along the way!

Amazing, right?

Considering not having time and not knowing how to build, grow and achieve are the number 1 and 2 challenges of young entrepreneurs and business people, I think we've nailed it with this training.

So... are you ready to kill procrastination & become a scheduling queen?

Let's go!



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Sexy Scheduling training with KATA had a whole room of young leaders sitting on the edge of their seats and writing frantically in their notebooks, as she provided them with the essential tools and mindset, to make any of their wildest hopes and dreams a reality. KATA shows you how to break down your WHY. Within minutes you're finding time in your busy life and literally scheduling every goal into bitesize achievable daily activity.

Emma - District Rotaract Representative and Rotarian
Emma - District Rotaract Representative and Rotarian Sexy Scheduling attendee

Sexy Scheduling is awesome! It explains why nothing I wanted to get done was actually happening! Through this training Kata walks you through the exact steps to take to make your dreams come true, and in true Kata style even gives you the time and space to do it there and then, within the training. Now my goals are achievable and I know exactly what to do to make them happen.

Lauren Heys - Founder, Moxxi Group
Lauren Heys - Founder, Moxxi Group