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This girl I just met asked me what I do & I told her exactly the way you explained it so she's interested in hearing about the business!... I'm so happy with how you explained it and everything because it's lead to a new friend & potential business prospect!... Thank you so much! This was all you & if it wasn't for the webinar I probably wouldn't have talked to the girl let alone know her!... You're literally a legend with verbiage omg... I just passed my goal for the month & I've done it all because of you! You are my network marketing best friend.

Melissa - AUS
Melissa - AUS #branded

“Kata I just… don’t know how to get people in my business… Like I just don’t really know what my brand is…”

Babe, I totally, 100% get you. And I hear it all the time. When I first announced this FREE webinar we oversold spaces by over 200% so I figured I better record the next session and make it available to you all the time (you're so welcome!).


Yep, I’m finally sharing with you how to identify your own brand within your business. No more awkwardness when people ask you “what do you do?”. No more second guessing “do I post that?” on your social media. No more freaking out or harassing people to “please join my team”.

No more rejection.

How’s THAT?!

I’m going to go through step by step in how to

  • Identify your unique brand
  • Come out of the closet & BUILD your vibe
  • Grow & sustain your image
  • Get your social media working for you & learn my 3 part posting strategy...

Which will all lead to ATTRACTING PEOPLE TO YOUR TEAM.


Thank you so much for being an incredible leader and role model to young business owners. You have taught my team and I so much about building unique businesses & brands. But even more importantly, you've taught us how to unapologetically be ourselves. THANK YOU for building your business (even when it's difficult) to show us what a life of freedom with network marketing can be like. You're like the "network marketing big sister" we never had.

Emily - USA
Emily - USA #badassgraduate

And not sh*t people. I mean legit, awesome, fun loving, hard working, YOU kind of people! Voila insta-culture, insta-tribe, insta-pay-increase, insta-fun, insta-success.

But it all starts here. With you.

Your brand. Your image. Your vibe.

Do you know how you come across to others? Are you constantly having people drop off your team? Are you majorly struggling to even get a team?

I’m telling you, it’s all about your PERSONAL BRAND.

And you may not even know what that is.


This FREE webinar is for you.

Sign up, watch, take notes, implement & pay it forward by sharing it with someone else who needs some help #bettertogether

Let’s get you one step closer to your unique, badass, strong, savvy, awesomeness!

See ya soon!


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I’m so thankful for you babe, you’ve made me realise that I can be in this business & still be ME & not have to become someone I’m not! Thank you for encouraging me to take a look inside & dig deep. So much love for you & thank you for paving the way! I’m excited for this journey to continue! #cheerstoselfconfidence

Hannah - AUS
Hannah - AUS #FAMILYmember

Before I started Kata’s 6 Steps to Awesomeness course I was lost. Absolutely & completely lost and confused on who I was & where to next. If you have come across this page in search of answers, if Kata could be the mentor that you need, SHE IS! Kata’s course not only changed my mindset but also gave me the tools & confidence to move forward. I am so grateful for her knowledge, inspiration & honesty. This girl changes lives. I am absolutely honoured & forever grateful that she has changed mine.

Jacqui - Australia
Jacqui - Australia #badassgraduate #BadassOG #FAMILYmember