Before I started Kata’s 6 Steps to Awesomeness course I was lost. Absolutely & completely lost and confused on who I was & where to next. If you have come across this page in search of answers, if Kata could be the mentor that you need, SHE IS! Kata’s course not only changed my mindset but also gave me the tools & confidence to move forward. I am so grateful for her knowledge, inspiration & honesty. This girl changes lives. I am absolutely honoured & forever grateful that she has changed mine.

Jacqui #badassgraduate & #badassOG

Hey! Nice to meet you! So let me explain...


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I’m so thankful for your friendship, your belief in showing me a better way when I had no idea who I was myself. Your 6 weeks Badass training is THE best investment I’ve ever made… The friends, growth, direction & permission to be yourself. I’m so proud to have said yes, I trust you, let’s do this!!

Amy-Lee #badassgraduate & #badassOG

Growing a business can be hard… dealing with people’s judgement can be even harder. Finding a mentor who honestly gets you and is actually successful (and did it ethically!) can be nearly fricken impossible. Between weird facepalm cringey scripts, all that pressure & expectation from your uplines, family, friends, husband, sister, dog (seriously… I see the judgy eyes Toto) & feeling about 1000% lost 90% of the time I totally get why so many people give up & go back to living “ordinary” lives.

“It’s just not freakin’ working…!” you think as you lay there at night wondering whether it’s too late to run away, marry a hot, rich Italian who has a six pack, chiseled jaw, amazing hair & owns his own vineyard (think of all the wine…) & just give up on this whole “build your own empire” thing.

Most people quit. Or settle (ew).

But not you…

You can see the potential in this business. You KNOW you are meant for bigger, better, badder things. You just need… something… someone… to just… show you. Support you. Love on you. Believe in you. Actually be there for you & not let you quit on the hard days. Someone to clap for you when you win. Someone who’s been where you are & has done what you want to do. Someone you can just reach out to for advice or for another perspective.

Someone who can, step by step, guide you through & hold your hand & show you how to kill all that fear & confusion. Oh… and the self doubt. F*ck the self doubt, we gotta get rid of that badboy like… now.

Did I mention build your team & client base in the process? Earn your incentives, and make money?

Also let’s make it a goal for you to level up. Is that okay?

Okay good.

If this is you, I gotchu.


You are my inspiration, motivation & person I want to be! You are strong, independent & do whatever it takes to get what you want! Thank you for your program & the time in the group! You have & still are teaching me so much!... You have made [my network marketing business] realistic by revealing hard times that you have gone through… Thank you so much for everything!

Tiahna #badassgraduate

My 6 Steps to Awesomeness course is a 2 month online program designed to clear all your mental blockages, crystalise your focus & goals, set achievable steps how to get there & teach you the skills both mental & physical to boom your business, while remaining authentic to YOU & working in your STRENGTHS (hallelujah no more awkward phone calls!)

Here’s what you’ll get: 6 modules to get you CONFIDENT, KICKING ASS & CLEAR on who you are, what you want & have you dominating your business! You’re going to learn how to get more Gen Y's buying into you & gain more support from those around you to make your empire boom as well as actually ENJOYING IT (holy sh*t I bet you didn’t know that was possible huh?).

And I get it, you’re the kinda girl that gets so excited to do stuff & like… a day later your motivation is kinda… eh… so you don’t want to commit to 2 months & spend your money when you probs won’t do anything with it. Right?

I said I’ve gotchu.

You’ll get weekly reminder emails to give you that little love tap to move forward & you get access to these videos FOREVER through your Getting Cserious membership & login once you purchase your 6 Steps to Awesomeness program (yep - one payment,  forever access - I'm a solid friend).

Let us surround you with confidence, courage, many many cocktails (or wine… whatever tickles your pickle) and graduate as a fully fledged business #badass.

My #badassgraduates have zero issues with confidence now (god love ‘em haha) and all have the skills, tools & motivation to continue to grow their businesses, no matter what the circumstances. They all stick together & are the most amazing community of strong, brave, kind, generous, successful humans ever. They’re leveling up in their businesses, their earning their incentive trips & I won’t even go in to how much fun they’re having doing it along the way (so many hilarious snapchats, memes & Instagram tags…!)

Babe, I feel like you’re one of us too…

I feel like you should come play with us & let me uncover what you’ve really got hiding in there. I wanna see your inner Beyonce. Your inner, successful, confident, happy Beyonce.

If not now… when?

You are so ready to boom.

We’re doing this together.

Okay… 3… 2… 1… no looking back now!

Let’s go!



By opting in to purchase this training you are also opting to receive my weekly musings emails plus other offers of services and products.

Should you choose not to receive my emails you can remove yourself by selecting unsubscribe.

I just wanted to give a huge shout out to Ms Cser for an amazing programme & for being so incredibly inspiring to a girl on the other side of the world. And to all of you badasses for determinedly, relentlessly working for your dreams whatever they may be… let’s do this!

Rebecca #badassgraduate

I’m so thankful for you babe, you’ve made me realise that I can be in this business & still be ME & not have to become someone I’m not! Thank you for encouraging me to take a look inside & dig deep. So much love for you & thank you for paving the way! I’m excited for this journey to continue! #cheerstoselfconfidence

Hannah #KATAtheBrandFAMILYmember

I am someone who cares a lot what people are thinking. I care WAY too much in fact… I am so grateful to Kata for showing me that I cannot change what others think & certainly cannot dwell on it… Thank you Kata for all you do. After living 34 years feeling afraid & wasting SO MUCH time worrying, you have shown me that there is a much better & easier way to be. You are incredible.

Julie #badassgraduate

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